Transitional Assistance

Transitional Assistance

Our transitional assistance package consists of three services. You can choose one, two, or all three. We’re here to take care of the logistics of your transition so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Real Estate

Kevin and Hailey are licensed Real Estate agents who bring diligence and expertise to selling your home. With a wide network of buyer sales associates through Team Realty, we have access to many motivated buyers. Your traditional listing is in good hands. Looking to sell without the hassle of showings and the wait time? Kevin has been selling homes by auction for 15 years. As a real estate agent and an auctioneer, he can walk you through the process with care and confidence.

Personal Estate

Whether you have a few things or a home full of items that need to be sold, our answer is always yes! No need to stress about yard sales and Craigslist posts. From high value collectibles to everyday household items - we can sell just about everything with quality service and attention to detail.

Hand us the keys and walk away!

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If you are making a transition from independent living to assisted care or are an individual downsizing homes into a retirement community, we would love to help.